The Pyramid of Web Design

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Published: 16th November 2010
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Communication theory says that effective communication only happens in the absence of "noise". Noise refers to the barriers of communication, such as physical noise or language differences, that may hinder clear exchange of ideas. In web development, noise prohibits a reader from understanding the content of a website. Hence, web designers need to lessen or avoid adding details in a website that can lessen a reader’s interest to browse it.

In web development, noise can be a disturbing color combination or an irrelevant content that is placed on the website. A reader may also lose interest in long paragraphs and plain texts. Because of these, web developers try to create their websites based on the Pyramid of Web Design.

The Pyramid of Web Design has three components: form, function and purpose. A website’s form refers to the visuals that readers see on the webpages. On the other hand, the function refers to the website itself which is developed by the clients and the web designers. Purpose involves the aim and goal of the clients and designers in creating the website. These components are interrelated by the contents that one sees in a website.

In order to make a website understandable, web designers make sure that contents are coherent to the website’s theme and purpose. The theme and purpose in Toronto Website Design are specified by the clients. It is a web designer’s task to create graphics, icons, text boxes and plug-ins which convey the message of the website. There are instances when clients give a list of the kind of graphics that one wants for the website. However, most clients prefer to create design concepts with web designers during the pre-production stage of web development.

Function refers to the technology that a web designer uses in developing a website. These are the internet and the application and programs used in the layout process of Toronto Website design. Web designers commonly use HTML and CSS as their coding language. Web designers develop these computer languages in the form of graphics and visual figures that readers can understand.

The core aim and goal of each client and web developer is to gain financial compensation out of creating websites. However, they must be able to satisfy the pyramid of web design in order to create an understandable Toronto website design.

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